Hello! My name is Molly and I am a college student majoring in criminal justice. I plan to use my degree to work for an abolitionist organization to join in the fight against modern day slavery. There are numerous establishments that are leading the war against modern day slavery and some of the ones that I have gotten involved with are International Justice Mission, Exodus Cry, Rescue 1 Global, and the A21 Campaign. This site is to bring awareness about human trafficking, and I pray that as you read, you will see the seriousness of slavery and be motivated to

〉Pray for the end of slavery

〉Give to organizations fighting against slavery

〉Go with these organizations around the world or in your home town to join in their fight

Human trafficking is a GLOBAL problem. It is all around us – in your city, your state, our country, neighboring countries, and far away lands. The Lord has led me on many adventures around the globe to reveal to me that human trafficking is prospering EVERYWHERE, and it will only come to an end when we raise our voices together for the speechless.