This is the landscape along a little country town of Baker, Florida. This photo was taken while I was in the company of many good friends. It’s a reminder that the Lord always brings good friends to us to get us through tough times in life. This day had impeccable weather, ambitious roads, and sincere friends.


This is the beautiful, beautiful landscape of the great state of Kentucky. The countryside will always remain my favorite place to live, and this photo was taken close to home. May this be a reminder that human trafficking goes on everywhere. America is not immune to this great injustice, and it can be found in every state. It is an evil that lurks in the shadow but still shows up in the most unlikely places — even the place where you live.


This is a dirt road along a safari in Ghana, Africa. This picture was taken when I was sitting on top of Jeep that was being driven by the tour guide, Robert. While traveling this road I saw elephants, alligators, warthogs, baboons, antelopes, and some of the most beautiful birds of all different sizes. Traveling through this, smelling the strong scent of earth baking in the sunlight, listening to the birds call out in their songs, tasting the heavy layer of dust it in the air, feeling the hot sun beat down on my skin, and seeing the wide variety of the animal kingdom, just reminded me of God’s creativity and imagination when He breathed life into the earth.


This is an overlook of the city of Kathmandu in Nepal. It is the capital city of Nepal with a population of 1.4 million people. This picture was taken in 2011 when I took a prayer walk through the city. I couldn’t help but think of  all the people living in this city who were desperate to find true joy and love in their life- the kind of joy and love that can only be found through our Father, Jesus Christ.

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